Community Manager

Job description

📍REMOTE (see original job post here) is a crowd-funding platform for content creators to launch limited edition merchandise to their fans. We are seeking an ambitious and enthusiastic Community Manager to lead the creation and management of our online communities on Discord, Reddit and Email newsletter. You will be the liason between the brand and the people who love the brand!


Why this role?

  1. You'll define just how fast we can grow on the internet. We're a young company in an industry that is growing super fast, and you have full ownership of the strategy and execution of our online communities.
  2. You'll have a high-level of autonomy and independence. This is a brand new role and is one of our first marketing hires. You will have a lot of responsibility and freedom to unleash your most creative ideas for community building.
  3. Work directly with the largest content creators in the world. You are the first contact point between our platform and the people making content on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and other platforms.
  4. Join us at an epic time. We're a profitable company and we've worked with 40 creators in 2019. We are planning to work with over 200 in 2020 (already 100 creators signed). This is the time to experience exponential personal and career growth.

Job requirements

About This Role

So, what will you do at Makeship as a Community Manager?

    • Setup and manage our community platforms (Discord, Reddit and Email Newsletter)
    • Define the most important community KPIs
    • Communicate with our creators and our fans (customers) on every platform and provide them a safe space to express themselves
    • Work with the rest of the team to identify opprotunities from the insights you get through community management
    • Organize online (and in the future, offline) events to create a better sense of community within our brand
    • Help us crowdsource ideas and feedback from the community for improving our service and choosing our next product catalogues

This might be for you if...

  • You have 1 year of experience managing a community of any kind
  • You are super quick to respond to messages and follow through on what is going on online
  • You are a strong operator. You've worked in cross-functional teams in the past and know how to navigate a project with expertise.
  • You're familiar with reddit lingo and how discord and emails are setup
  • You have an extremely creative mind - you want to deploy wild ideas and be experimental.
  • You're hungry for a challenge.


  • What benefits can I expect?
    • A stipend account for various medical expenses.
    • Any equipment that you need.
    • Flexibility with remote work.
    • Access to tons of resources and support to help you in your role and growth as an individual (team audible account, books etc.)
  • Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?
    • This is a fully remote, full-time role!